The Secret, Overcharging Registrar of

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of buying a domain from the professional domain squatters at, you’ll notice that they send you login details to access your new domain at a shady, unknown registrar called “Annulet”. This is a registrar with no homepage, a clipart logo, and a layout that looks like it’s fresh from 1995. Sound suspicious yet?

Well, that’s because it is. Despite their attempts to make it seem that Annulet is its own distinct registrar, that just so happens to be the default registrar when you purchase a BuyDomains name, the truth is that it’s wholly owned by Namemedia Inc, the same company that controls BuyDomains.

Even better, compare their renewal prices to the going rate of $6.99/year for a .com!


Please send your payment via PayPal Merchant services to account – [email protected]

one-year renewal fee: $51.00

Up to 30 days past expiration, one-year renewal fee: $51.00


Please note, before sending funds please contact [email protected] to verify that your domain is in redemption and still retrievable.
If your domain has gone into redemption the following fee applies.

Redemption fee: $120.00 plus one-year renewal fee $51.00. Total: $171.00

Note: Annulet reserves the right to change or modify its fee at any time for services provided pursuant to this agreement.

So, in conclusion, BuyDomains isn’t satisfied with just taking thousands of dollars for that typo of your company name. They also hope you’re stupid enough to pay them six times the going rate for domain registrations in perpetuity.

Click the “Transfer” button as soon as possible, folks!

2 thoughts on “ The Secret, Overcharging Registrar of

  1. Thanks for your post! I came across it while trying to transfer ASAP away from Annulet. But, alas, the EPP AuthInfo Code isn’t working yet. Perhaps because it says:

    Transfer Action Domain is not in ‘PendingTransfer’

    …but I can’t find any information about that either. Calls to the Annulet support line go directly to voicemail.

    Any idea if it takes a while for transfer to be possible? I just got my Annulet info from BuyDomains today, so maybe there’s a slight processing delay?

  2. Glad I came across this, I had my own initial concerns and I’m happy you took the initiative to publish what you were able to discover.

    Would you mind diving into the transferral process of Annulet so that I can get the domain name over into something a little more reliable like GoDaddy?

    Thank you!

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